Participating in the Allscripts developer workshop helped us achieve a better understanding of tools that Allscripts has made available that allow us to interact with their systems. I’m excited to be able to continue to use this tool set to develop next-generation integrations and applications that benefit our patients, providers and business.

IS Interface Analyst
Mountain States Health Alliance

With the Allscripts Open platform, we have better integration with other third-party developers. It’s a lot more agile – we can literally get things going in a few days. The more partners in the Allscripts Developer Program, the more products there are that can help practices like ours. I encourage any Allscripts client to check before trying to find your own vendor or build it yourself. Allscripts is the most open EHR vendor out there.

Cookeville Medical Center

We’re happy Relaymed is a part of Allscripts Developer Program and displayed in the Allscripts App Expo. Thanks to the Allscripts and Relaymed partnership, the activation to go-live process is unbelievably fast. In about two hours, clients can activate Relaymed in their [Allscripts] TouchWorks® EHR or [Allscripts] Professional [EHR™] account, download the RelayApp to a workstation or server, and have their in-office lab testing devices (UAs, CBCs, HbA1c, etc.) sending results directly to the patient’s chart. The partnership makes eliminating manual entry and risks for errors extremely fast and simple. We appreciate being a part of the Allscripts Developer Program!

Client Account Manager, Client Services

We can design TouchWorks EHR the way we want to and configure it with the third-party apps we need. No matter how talented an EHR vendor is, they’re not going to have every expertise; I prefer a platform that can interface with exactly the specialty applications we need.

Hutchinson Clinic

Allscripts has dedicated considerable resources to building a robust web services program from the ground up. Through its Open API initiative, clients and third-party developers are provided with access to the same tools that Allscripts developers use internally….Allscripts was one of the early market movers in recognizing the value of bringing on development partners to drive and expand product innovation in the highly complex market of health IT. Today, Allscripts is leading the market in promoting product innovation by encouraging clients and development partners to work together to rapidly bring new solutions to market.

Nancy Fabozzi, Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan

To meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients in this digital age, it really does ‘take a village’ of innovators working together. EHR vendors who don’t value interoperability and engaging with others will eventually be left behind. I am sincere when I say that Allscripts has set up a program that encourages and enables 'the village'.

Debi Willis, CEO
PatientLink Enterprises, Inc.

MediVu works with every EHR vendor on developing applications for our customers. Our recent experience with learning, developing, certifying and going into production with our first Unity Application through the Application Developer (ADP) program has been one of the best so far. The Allscripts team led by our ADP Manager was amazing and our testing was painless, which usually never happens. ADP is an incredible resource to develop applications quickly and the team we worked with was professional, helpful, and everything you could ask for in a partner.We already have four more applications on the roadmap using this resource and feel confident once again it will be a success.

Glenn Palmiere, VP Business Development

Over the past few years, we have received numerous client requests to integrate with Allscripts. The " ADP Integrator" program allowed us to quickly provide our customers with a usable integration. The ADP staff has been extremely helpful. They share our excitement of working together to help more practices get up and running quickly with our software.

Dan Godla, CEO

Our experience with the Allscripts Developer Program has been phenomenal! The ADP team is great to work with, they are very responsive to our questions & needs and promptly follow through. It has been a pleasure to work with them. The integration with Allscripts products has involved numerous in-depth discussions with Dev Team members. We have found their attention and follow through to be above Industry norms for a Developer group. Having all three characteristics, a well-documented environment, responsive program managers, and involved developers is a rare find. We salute Allscripts for providing an experience that delivers on all three levels!

Business Development Executive

The Allscripts Developer Program has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Far too often, healthcare software employees become complacent to the fact that we are all dealing with data for real patient’s health. The team members from the Allscripts Developer Program have been a breath of fresh air. Everyone that we have worked with has always been super responsive, very knowledgeable, and very willing to bring in additional resources to ensure the providers are able to take care of their patients in the best way possible. Working with the Allscripts Developer Program has benefited our mutual clients tremendously, and I look forward to working closely with them for years to come!

Kurt R. Girlinghouse, CTO
ChartCapture by Aesto Health