Endpoint Directory

The Veradigm FHIR Endpoint Directory contains information about each individual Veradigm client organization and their FHIR installation and configuration. At the time that the Veradigm FHIR API is installed in a client environment, the client's endpoints are registered in the Veradigm “downtown” environment, and as a result, are listed in the endpoint directory. Veradigm partner developers can then use the client endpoints when connecting to that Veradigm client.

A single organization can have multiple FHIR endpoints for both patient and provider endpoints.

Veradigm FHIR Endpoint Directory


Endpoints are marked with the following badges:

  • Version-less: Works with the Veradigm FHIR API regardless of FHIR version.
  • Patient: Endpoint for use with patient-facing applications. These endpoints generally contain the prefix “open.” For example: https://genericfhirclient.com/open-standalone. For DSTU2 endpoints, it would end in /open.
  • Provider: Endpoint for use with provider-facing applications. These endpoints generally contain the prefix “fhir.” For example: https://genericfhirclient.com/fhir-standalone. For DSTU2 endpoints, it would end in /fhir.


You can filter the list endpoints to include either endpoints that support FHIR DSTU2 or FHIR R4. Click FHIR in the upper left corner of the screen, and then select the appropriate version. You can also click Documentation to go to the Veradigm Developer Program portal for more information.

Download Bundle

You can download a list of endpoints as a FHIR Bundle resource. Select the appropriate version of FHIR, and then click Download [version] Endpoints as a FHIR Bundle. The utility displays the response in JSON format, and you can download it manually. You do not need to authenticate in order to see the response.