Resources: DSTU2: Immunization

Immunization resource

The Immunization resource is used to retrieve immunization events for a patient (DAF Immunization). The logical ID of the patient is passed as part of the URL. The logical ID is found as the result of a patient search.

To retrieve a patient's immunization events, use the following syntax:

GET {FHIR URL}/FHIR/Patient/{ID}/Immunization

To retrieve a patient's immunization events reported on January 1, 2016, use the following syntax:

GET {FHIR URL}/FHIR/Patient/{ID}/Immunization?date=eq2016-01-01

Input parameters

Name Required? Type Description
ID Yes URL The patient's logical ID. This is retrieved using the search function.
date No string A string representing a date to include in the search. See below for more information.

Output specification

Name Type Cardinality Description
resourceType Immunization
id identifier 0..* Immunization record unique identifier.
meta Contains metadata about the resource. Returns the profile element which includes a link to the Data Access Framework (DAF) for the Immunization resource.
language code Contains the base language in which the resource is written. For more information, see here.
text Contains a human-readable version of the structured data, specifically an HTML representation generated by the data layer based on the underlying resource data.
status code 1..1 Immunization current status. Valid entries include: In-Progress, On-Hold, Completed, Entered-In-Error, and Stopped. For more information on this value set, see here.
date dateTime 0..1 Date and time when the immunization was administered. When immunizations are patient reported, a specific date might not be known. Although partial dates are allowed, an adult patient might not be able to recall the year a childhood immunization was given.
vaccineCode Codeable Concept 1..1 Vaccine product administered. Values come from here. Each individual code is wrapped in coding and contains:
  • system: Returns a link to the coding source.
  • code: Returns the code for the immunization.
  • display: Returns the immunization display name.
patient Reference (Patient) 1..1 Patient who received the immunization. Defines constraints and extensions on the patient resource for use in querying and retrieving patient demographic information.
  • reference: Returns the patient ID in the format Patient/[ID].
  • display: Returns the patient name in the format [Lastname],[Firstname].
wasNotGiven boolean 1..1 Flag for whether immunization was given.
reported boolean 1..1 Is this a self-reported record?
performer Reference (Practitioner) 0..1 Who administered vaccine.
requester Reference (Practitioner) 0..1 Who ordered vaccination.
encounter Reference (Encounter)
  • reference: Returns the encounter ID in the format Encounter/[ID].
  • display: Returns the encounter action.
0..1 Encounter administered as part of.
manufacturer Reference (Organization) 0..1 Vaccine manufacturer.
location Reference (Location) 0..1 Where vaccination occurred.
lotNumber string 0..1 Vaccine lot number.
expirationDate date 0..1 Vaccine expiration date.
site Codeable Concept 0..1 Body site where the vaccine was administered. For more information on this value set, see here.
route Codeable Concept 0..1 How the vaccine entered the body. For more information on this value set, see here.
doseQuantity Hl7.Fhir.Model.SimpleQuantity 0..1 Amount of vaccine administered.
explanation 0..1 Administration/non-administration reasons.
-- explanation.reason Codeable Concept 0..* Reason why the immunization occurred. For more information on this value set, see here.
-- explanation.reasonNotGiven Codeable Concept 0..* Reason why the immunization did not occur. For more information on this value set, see here.
reaction 0..* Details of a reaction that followed the immunization.
-- dateTime 0..1 Date/time when the reaction started.
-- reaction.detail Reference (Observation) 0..1 Additional information about the reaction.
-- reaction.reported boolean 0..1 Was the reaction self-reported?
vaccinationProtocol 0..* Protocol that was followed during the administration of the immunization.
-- vaccinationProtocol.doseSequence Hl7.Fhir.Model.PositiveInt 1..1 Dose number within the series.
-- vaccinationProtocol.description string 0..1 Details of vaccine protocol.
-- vaccinationProtocol.authority Reference (Organization) 0..1 Individual who is responsible for the immunization protocol.
-- vaccinationProtocol.series string 0..1 Name of vaccine series.
-- vaccinationProtocol.seriesDoses Hl7.Fhir.Model.PositiveInt 0..1 Recommended number of doses for immunity.
-- vaccinationProtocol.targetDisease Codeable Concept 1..* Disease immunized against. For more information on this value set, see here.
-- vaccinationProtocol.doseStatus Codeable Concept 1..1 Indicates if the dose counts towards immunity. For more information on this value set, see here.
-- vaccinationProtocol.doseStatusReason Codeable Concept 0..1 Why dose does (not) count. For more information on this value set, see here.